NYC Adventures

Now is the time of year when many of us travel to visit loved ones. NYC was once again named one of the top winter destinations. I so get this as NYC is my favorite destination. There are so many fabulous things to see and do beyond Rockefeller Center and Times Square. While the store windows on 5th Avenue will always be a personal favorite, the time to see them is early morning before the crowds….The photo above was taken at ~2pm outside of Saks. As you can see, by that time of day and into the night patience will be the mantra. The same goes for most of mid-town. How ever if you want to photograph the windows without the crowds go early, before noon. If you want to go ice skating try the rink at Bryant Park where you can also grab lunch for one of the many unique kiosk set up for the winter like Veggie Sushi or Marty’s V Burger or grab a Max Brenner hot chocolate and watch the skaters…..for something a little more adult grab a drink at Celsius bar. After skating you can check out the unique shops that line the park for the holiday as most will be closing up after the season and sales will be plentiful.

Bryant Park is one of my favorites but if you want to be in Rockefelller Center, Boucheron makes the most amazing pastries. They are located on the south side of the tree. To minimize your wait times for lunch consider going into the subway tunnels beneath Rock Center. For the best sandwiches try Potbellys, my go-to lunch favorite and if you are looking for salads, try Chopt and design your own. The choices underground are plentiful and allow you to take it outside to enjoy in this beautiful weather or hang out at the tables inside and watch the skaters.

For those wanting to photograph the Christmas lights along 6th Avenue I have found the best times to do so are in the early morning hours. I do this because the lights are on and that is when the streets are least crowded and you will have less distractions in your images. Of course if you like lotsnof people in your images anytime is a good time!

i cannot let you go to NYC without mentioning my favorite hidden gem…..the food court at the Plaza Hotel. In the basement lies a feast for the senses multiple small restaurants and  a full service dining option created by Todd English. It’s a food court and restaurant that could only exist in NYC. Homemade marshmallows, pastries, vegetarian sandwiches, sushi,seafood and Italian delicacies but oh so much. More. . A wonderful place to feast before a walk in the park.

Personally, my favorite time of the days is the early morning, the streets are quiet and you see the city waking up from its slumber slowly coming to life. The steam rising from the subways and the glam squad preparing her for the day. It’s when everything is is before you a feast for the imagination.

Happy Travels….I hope you enjoy your travels around NYC. What are your favorite places?



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