There is No Place Like Home

This year like many others we spent the holiday season reconnecting with friends and family and running around trying to fit it all in. This year because of a quirky hotel policy, you can leave but you can’t check out, we opted to hang out until January 2nd before heading home and that little change made all the difference. That combined with our selected mode of transportation – Amtrak- my husband and I spent two days with nothing to do but relax and hang out….Two amazing days of nothing to do. This gave us time to reflect on the season and what we loved vs what we would do differently. Strangely enough we do after action reviews on our life. We had a few revelations.

What would we do again?

  1. We will not travel on New Years Day – use that as a day for relaxation, make no plans.
  2. Travel by train, when practical – its a stress free way to get places we just need to allow the time.
  3. New Orleans was amazing and yes we would go again
  4. Make reservations early! We made our hotel and dinner reservations months in advance and all went like clockwork. In our hotel we heard the concierge failing to find dinner reservations for people and we saw many who tried to walk in simply turned away. Always plan.

What will we do different in 2016?

  1. In 2016, we will make time for friends and family during the year so we don’t feel so much pressure to fit everyone in during a 30 day period.
  2. Consider traveling during the first week in January and extending winter break vs during the week between Christmas and New Year’s.
  3. Consider hosting  a Cocktail Party for our friends, neighbors to try to bring everyone together.
  4. Always pack one item of clothing that is the opposite of what you think you need! I wish I had taken a winter coat!

While we both love to travel and when you are having a great time its hard to see it end there is no better feeling that when you arrive home safe and sound to the familiarity of your own place.

Happy New Years

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