Hi, I bet you are wondering what is this all about? For years I have been a photographer, adventurer, educator and so much more. My first passion is photography. I began creating photographs while working on her high school yearbook as a sports and features photographer. Over the years my artistic interests have evolved to include architecture, landscapes and street photography. With a desire to combine my love of photography, travel and science fiction, I have developed a passion for black & white and infrared photography.

The idea for this blog came about while chatting in a G+ artist community where I was telling the tale of my daily commute and how my camera was taking the journey with me.  I recently began a new job in NYC and plan to share my experiences,  all the places me and my camera go plus add in bits of wisdom learned from commuting into the Big Apple – for example when you walk 20+ minutes from the train station to the office not just any shoe will work……I have learned in my short time (and after trying about 2 dozen shoes so far plus using 2+ boxes of band-aids) that some shoes are much better for walking city streets than others …and NO they don’t have to be scary ugly to be comfy.  My goal is to help others not make the same mistakes and share images/stories observed along the way.

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