These Shoes Were Made for Walking

As the holiday season approaches many of you will head to NYC for shopping, theatre and all the city has to offer.   This means you will be doing loads of walking and if you are like me you will want shoes that are comfortable enough to go the distance and attractive. This is a tall order! But, know it is possible to have both comfort and style.

During my daily trek into the city, I have tested many shoes and have found several that are made for walking and are stylish enough to go from walking to dinner with friends. Key elements to making shoe all day comfortable – thicker soles to absorb the pounding on the concrete and flexible enough to move.

  1. Geox- Jamilah 2Fit – A typical loafer style with unbelievable comfortable. The blue is a nice alternative to black.
  2. Aquatalia – For rainy days these boots are waterproof and are fabulous enough to wear all day and into the night.  I have had these for two seasons now and with a little polish every now and then look like new
  3. AGL – I prefer the loafer style in these because they feel a little more secure when you are crossing streets and heading down stairs into the subways. The ballet flats are also great because they have a small heel.  These wear exceptionally well and with a little polish these are holding up beautifully at the 2+ year mark or hard wearing.
  4. Fry Boots – Love Love Love – The little heel is the perfect height and comfortable for walking all day and into the night – the bootie is great for the day it may or may not rain.
  5. Rain Boots – Rag and Bone Moto Boots. The low boot is perfect for rain and slush. It is high enough to keep you dry but low enough to be super comfy all day.
Fall Boots
Fall Boots

So next time you are day tripping or spending a weekend in the city take along any of these and your feet will thank you.

Happy Travels

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    Rhonda, I agree and would cosign for every shoe listed, for even the most irritable feet! These are all comfy and stylish walking shoes! You have an incredible sense of style and you hit the nail on the head with each shoe! You must have an amazing stylist :)!

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