10 Things You Can Do During Your Commute…..That Won’t Annoy Your Fellow Commuters

I am a long distance commuter. Everyday I travel from Pennsylvania to NYC using three modes of transportation…car, train and my own feet!  When people hear my daily commute is 90 minutes they immediately say “that must be awful”.   The reality is I enjoy my commute.  I view my train time as “me” time and during that time I focus on activities that help me achieve personal goals or simply relax and be in the moment. This allows me to arrive at my destination ready, willing and able.

I have have found several ways to make the most out of the time without annoying my seat mate (bonus all can be done while in the quiet car!)

  1. Read – Carry a selection of ebooks /audio books and a good set of earphones. This is a good time to sit back, relax and let someone tell you a story or learn something new.  Audible.com, Audiobooks.com, KindleUnlimited and Youtube are good sources.
  2. Write – If you have always wanted to start a blog or write a journal now is the time to start.
  3. Listen – Listen to music, podcast or music videos
  4. Watch – Catch up on tv shows, movies or learn something new from CreativeLive, KelbyOne, or Youtube.
  5. Create Something – Hyperlapse App can be used to create a time-lapse of your commute to share on Instragram. Why not share your commute with friends & family or edit photos  using VSCOcam, Camera+, enlight or PS Express apps
  6. Relax – Sometimes you just need down time, live in the moment and take in the scenery
  7. Make to do list – “Wanderlist” app is a great tool for creating list and task
  8. Networking – Cultivate and maintain your network
  9. Check Social Networks – a little time catching up and updating your
  10. Games to sharpen your mind – Words with Friends, Soduku, and more

While a commute can seem daunting it can also be an opportunity for personal growth. I am always searching for new ideas. How do you use your commuting time?  I would love to hear your recommendations for good books and helpful apps.

Happy Travels!

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