10 Ways to Annoy Your Fellow Commuters

Most days the routine is the same. The track is announced, everyone lines up and files onto the train single file. Then find your seat and organize yourself plus all your stuff. With the trains being crowded it is guaranteed you will have a seat mate so you hang your bag on the bag hook or place it in the floor all so that you are contained to your one seat.  And off we go.  As the train fills up someone will slide into the seat next to you and life goes on. Some people relax and others work. If its a normal day, the ride is uneventful.

And then there are the other days.  Someone will enter the rail car and disrupt the peace. They will also be the topic of conversation at the office and home for the rest of the day…or if your Chris Christie your failure to observe the unwritten rules of the commuter rails will be on the nightly news!

So what are the most annoying violations?

  1. Talking loudly on your cell phone (anywhere on the train but absolutely forbidden in the quiet car)
  2. Taking the outside seat and refusing to move to let someone take the window seat
  3. Spreading your stuff over more than one seat – unless your bags bought a ticket, get them off the seat.
  4. Falling asleep on your seat mate – just wrong and creepy! Personal space is limited don’t be a space invader.
  5. Eating smelly foods – enough said
  6. Poor Hygiene or being a perfume cloud…good or bad too much smell is always bad.
  7. Sneezing, coughing without covering your mouth – keep your germs to yourself.
  8. Playing music without earphones ! Or really loud through your earphones.
  9. Noisy games…there is a mute button, use it
  10. Reading over someones shoulder – buy your own reading material!

Bonus – Trying to enter the train while others are getting off…..come on it’s just courtesy.



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